How far can you paddle?
Most people paddle about 4 km in an hour and no more than 2-3 hours in a day.
Can three adult fit in a canoe?
Yes the canoes are approved for that, but then you cannot bring a lot of equipment. You could also fit 2 adults and two younger children.
Can I paddle any day I want?
Yes we are always open in season or according to prebookings in off-season.
What´s included in the canoe rental?
Two vests, two paddles , 5 liters of water, a laminated map and a shovel.
Can I get drinking water in the lake system?
Yes in a couple of places, the lake water can also be used for coffee and cooking. If you want to be safe then boil it before you drink it.
Can I buy food in the lake system?
You can buy food in Olofström but otherwise there is nothing but nature out there. We sell food you can bring out.
Can I start or end where I want?
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